Spring Green Adamas Shawl

Colorado has had an abundance of rain this summer which has given us brilliant wildflowers.  This is the greenest I have ever seen it here and we are really enjoying it.

Photoshop Wildflower_2

I think the verdant meadows influenced my recent Shadow Lace yarn purchase from KnitPicks. The color is called “Spring Green” and it is a brillant yellowish-green shade.  I had originally intended to use this yarn for the ENE SCARF but changed my mind when I saw Miriam Felton’s  Adamas Shawl. Adamas is a simple lace pattern but is quite large in size so I probably won’t be done with it until next month.  Here is a peek of Adamas in its glory of green –


11 thoughts on “Spring Green Adamas Shawl

  1. That’s a beautiful start to your shawl! I’ve knit the pattern, and it’s definitely a winner. Oh, and I have some of the yarn in the same color but haven’t yet decided what to do with it. Maybe I should use it for Ene’s scarf?

  2. The shawl is looking good & that is a great spring color. I want to knit another shawl too but I have to finish some of my wips first.

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