Assignment: Self-Portrait

My Digital Photography School assignment this week was to take a self-portrait.  I discovered two things.  The first discovery was something I mentioned in a previous post, I would much rather be behind the camera lense instead of in front of it.  The second discovery I made was that it is really, really difficult to take a self-portrait because there is nothing to focus on. You set up the camera by focusing on an empty chair, set the self-timer and bound to the empty chair just in time to hear the shutter click.  I got a lot of exercise doing this.  Be forewarned, these are not the greatest shots I’ve ever taken!

After taking all these shots there were two things I wanted to do.  I wanted to finish Inishmaan because I LOVE THESE CABLES!

 And, I wanted to pick up the phone and call my dermatologist to schedule a mole removal.

15 thoughts on “Assignment: Self-Portrait

  1. I think you look great in the photo’s and so does Inishmaan those cables are amazing!! I understand where you coming from re self portraits I’d much rather be behind the camera too.

    I have ordered Cascade 220 for mine and dying for it to arrive so I can swatch and start working on it.

  2. You are absolutely beautiful and don’t you forget it.
    You did a great job for self timer shots, I really do hate to take them too.

  3. I had to laugh at your last comment. I had a lipoma on my forehead for years, thinking it wasn’t that noticeable. Like you, I’m a little camera shy and usually position myself behind it, but someone got a shot of me despite my protest.

    Upon seeing the photo, all I noticed was the bump. I was convinced I looked like The Elephant Man.

    The next day I called my physician for a referral to a plastic surgeon. This had a much larger diameter than a mole, so I wanted someone used to dealing with larger incisions and potential scarring.

    Now it’s gone, and there’s no trace of a scar at all. He did an amazing job–but then, this town is good for that.

  4. First the self portraits are very good. Second, I want that sweater. NOW. I haven’t got that brave yet though. Third, I didn’t even notice the mole until you pointed it out. I think we all see the worst in us sometimes. I might have been focused on that awesome sweater too though. I think I just didn’t notice.

  5. This is lovely!

    I’ve been reading blogs through google reader lately and hadn’t realized that your blog has been updating until I went back to bloglines. So sorry I haven’t been commenting – I didn’t realize that you’d been posting.

  6. You have done a fantastic job on those cables! That is one of my upcoming projects: to learn how to make beautifully intricate cables. Your work on that sweater is an inspiration! And I agree with everyone else, you look fabulous in your photos. My father would have said, “Her face and her eyes show her character.”

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