Inishmaan Progress

The back of Inishmaan is finished and I will be moving on to the sleeves this week.  The interlaced panel at the center back is different from the centre front panel.  At first, I didn’t think I would like the back panel as much as the front panel but I do. Which one do you like best?







I continue to enjoy knitting this interesting and fun design.  The only thing about the sweater that I do not enjoy are those bobbles!  For some reason mine keep wanting to invert after they are finished.  I’m sure there is a reason why they are doing that but I have not taken the time to investigate.  Other than that, this is a relaxing knit for me!


8 thoughts on “Inishmaan Progress

  1. It’s so interesting what constitutes “relaxing knitting” for different knitters. Something like your spectacular sweater would be high stress for me — all those cables and bobbles!

  2. That is going to be a very pretty sweater. But relaxing? That would not be relaxing for me either, but very interesting.
    You are an awesome knitter!

  3. Wow, the cables are so lovely & I like the front center cable best. You have done a fantastic job with all that cabling. I don’t like bobbles too & usually just leave them out.

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