Cast-on March Sockdown


For the March Sockdown over on Ravelry, we are to either knit an Ann Budd pattern or try entrelac.  Since I’m not that crazy about entrelac the decision to choose an Ann Budd pattern was a no brainer. 

When I did a Ravelry search on Ann Budd patterns I was astonished at the sheer numbers – she is a prolific knitter!  It was a hard decision to pick only one pattern but I settled with the Diagonal Cross Rib Socks.  The pattern is found in the Interweave Press book called Favorite Socks.

Unfortunately, the ‘simple twist’ that happens on every other row snapped one of my brand-new Lantern Moon Sox needles.  Keep that in mind should you ever knit these socks!  The technique is not that difficult but it does require a sturdy needle because you are knitting through the back of the second stitch without slipping it off and then immediately knitting through the back of the first two stiches.

The yarn I’m using was a gift from my daughter Jennifer.  It is Dream in Color Smooshy and I can now join the throngs that sing its accolades – this yarn is incredible!  I love it! 

I didn’t fret too long about my poor broken needle.  After emailing Lantern Moon and asking if they would consider sending a replacement I received an immediate reply back if the affirmative!


18 thoughts on “Cast-on March Sockdown

  1. I am so with you on the decision for Ann Budd over entrelac. Glad you were able to solve your needle issue quickly. The sock looks great already.

  2. That is a lovely pattern. I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Glad, also to hear that getting a replacement needle is so painless.

  3. Thanks for the good review on Smooshy. I’ve been saving my one lone skein of it, but now I think I may have to get it out and knit it up.

  4. That is a gorgeous Smooshy colorway! Isn’t the yarn just wonderful to work with?

    I think I’d just cry if one of my Lantern Moons broke, glad they’re going to send you a new needle though.

  5. Love the color & yes, the yarn is gorgeous. The pattern is coming on very nicely. I knitted the same pattern but with black yarn & the stitches were not so defined.

  6. I like those a lot! I haven’t worked on Bob’s socks since Christmas… I am almost done with Lauren’s scarf, though.

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