New Knitting Gadget


I have a new favorite knitting gadget that I just received from The Loopy Ewe.  It is a row counter bracelet made by the Moonlight Knitter. 

I have been caught so many times walking into a restaurant or a store with my bright green Kachi Counter around my neck that, when I spotted this on The Loopy Ewe site, I KNEW I was going to have to purchase it.  I have been using it on my travels this past week and absolutely love it!

The bracelet has two different bead types.  One color represents ‘tens’ and the other ‘ones’.  The concept is similar to an abacus.  As you knit a rows you continue to move the beads towards the stable bead.  You are able to count up to 100 rows using this counter.  But, the most important feature?  If I FORGET to take it off my wrist, everyone thinks it is a bracelet! 

10 thoughts on “New Knitting Gadget

  1. Aren’t those wonderful!? I have about 20 different ones from Hide and Sheep on Etsy. Susan and Todd customize them for me by putting a lobster claw clasp on them instead of the toggle clasp they come with. I can’t do without. In fact, I wear two – one for the actual counting, and the other one to keep track of entire repeats (I’m working on socks that have an 11-row repeat that I have to do six times, so I keep track of a finished repeat on the second bracelet). Check them out – they also have stitch markers of every kind, and their bracelets come in all different stones and colors.

  2. OMGosh! I’ve been wondering where you were and why you haven’t updated your blogger blog and realized I never updated my bloglines with your wordpress blog. I’m glad I found your blog again!

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