Knitting in Red


In addition to learning how to use WordPress, I have been knitting away on my Central Park Hoodie.  The color is a red tweed so it qualifies for the current Project Spectrum theme of red-metallic-black.  I’ve also been knitting my Colorado Trekking theme socks using Cherry Tree Hill yarn in the Cabin Fever colorway.  You will find out more about that theme in the upcoming week. 😉


For the 2007 Southern Reading Challenge, I am reading one of my all-time favorite books, To Kill A Mockingbird.  Since my girls attended college in Alabama, I am noticing things in the book I never noticed in my previous reads.  I’ll be posting my observations later this week.

And, for all of you knitting the Mystery Monkey Socks, I have not forgotten you!  I will be posting those directions this week, too.

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